Fabric Structures

Fabric Structures

Economical • Long Lasting • Low Maintenance

Shapes & Sizes – Supported by steel columns and frames, they can range in size from a 100 SF (10’x10”) cabana to a 10,000 SF (100’x100’) air plane hangar. The larger the span, the more columns involved and heavier the steel gets. The can have a gabled roof like our Hip & Ridge structures or have radius beams like our dome structures. They typically have at least 4 sides and can have as many as 8 as in our Octagon structures. Our Cantilever or 2 post shade solutions are the design of choice for parking solutions.

Built to Last – Popular with schools, parks and HOA’s, fabric structures offer a great ROI (return on investment) due to their warranties and long life expectancy. Steel frames installed correctly have a life expectancy of 20 years or more, the fabric carries a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 10 years. Equally important to using the best-in-class materials, is the installation method and our commitment to nothing less the 100% accuracy. Virtually ALL of our fabric structures involve professional engineering and are design, built, and installed to meet or exceed IBC and local Building Codes.

Economical Solutions – The cost is determined by square footage (size) and height of the system which combined dictates size of the steel required. Installation, site location, and soil conditions also play a factor in the cost of the fabric structure project. Another reason these shade systems are so popular, is the low cost of maintenance and replacement. Installed properly, the cost of replacement is often limited to a new canopy. Routine maintenance assures max ROI at a minimal cost and with little effort. Use a leaf blower, water & hose to clean and call us for quarterly or semi-annual check of hardware.

Used by – Airports, Animal Shelters, Architects, Apartment Complexes, Builders, Building Owners, Business & Industrial Parks, Contractors, Churches, City Governments, Community Parks, Developers, Facility Managers, Garden Centers, Golf Courses, Hotels, HOA’s, Landscape & Pool Companies, Property Management Companies, Retirement Communities, Resorts, Restaurants, Shopping Centers, Schools & Colleges, Sports Complexes and Water Treatment Plants.

Used to Shade – Children, parents, teachers, spectators, employees, animals, plants aircraft, bleachers, bus stops, courtyards, equipment & storage areas, play areas, pools, picnic areas, seating areas, walkways, storage & equipment area, vehicles and much more!

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