Awnings and Canopies


Maximum ROI – According to our Property Management & Retail customers, awnings are the most popular and most economical Tenant Improvement that consistently delivers a high rate of return on investment and has immediate impact on visual presentation of the property.

Block UV Rays – Retail custom CREASE installed fabric awnings over their western facing windows and entry way to significantly reduce heat and protect their inventory. We added bold lettering to the hard valance and they are delighted with the increase in traffic due to the added signage provided.

Reduce Utility Expenses – Energy studies prove awnings can reduce a building/home’s utility bills by up to 25%. As a LEEDS approved solution, fabric awnings are fast becoming a standard construction item in many Green Building Projects. Check your utility bill post installation and you’ll see the savings almost immediately.

Rebates from Utility Companies – Our customer BAE System installed fabric awning panels over Southern & Western facing windows. These awnings were approved for a rebate from SRP that paid for the entire installation. Check with your local utility company today on rebates available for the use of shade products.

Enhance Visual Appearance – Scottsdale Design Center want to give an updated look to their 20 year old building. They had many options for shapes, sizes, colors, to choose from and ended up selecting a tradition frame with eye catching Jockey Red fabric providing a completely different aesthetically pleasing visual presentation.

Signage/Advertising – Another customer purchase a yogurt franchise located in a low traffic area of a shopping center and had a name that did not tie them to their product. The solution we provided used their logo colors – bright blue for the fabric with their name printed in logo orange – to let everyone know where to go for FROZEN YOGURT.

Modern or Traditional, Square or Dome – We have an awning solution to fit your needs. Call us today to discuss your project and/or your challenges and we’ll work together to design a solution within budget that meets your objectives.

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