Walkway Covers


Cover “People Highways” – Offer customers, employees, tenants and visitors protections from heat, rain, and harmful UV Rays they travel by foot to and from destination points at your locations. Intel employees were super appreciative of the walkway canopies we installed building to building, and Camelback Toyota customers  take refuge from the heat under canopies while making important car buying decisions.

Return on Investment – Studies have proven that “comfort”  plays a role in people’s “destination” decisions.  Potential customers will often “go the extra mile” to locations offering access to shaded outdoor parking and walking paths.  Food Markets and Retail Centers are taking these decision making factors seriously and based on the number of designs  being requested from us, you’ll soon see shaded walkways – many with PRINTED ADVERTISING/SIGNAGE – popping up all over the Valley and beyond.

Visual Appeal – Walkway Shade covers are delivering added value on multiple fronts. Architects, Landscape Designers, Property Management Groups, and savvy Building Owners are using Walkway Covers to provide an updated look to older properties and add interesting yet functional visual elements to both new and existing properties.  Many are using the walkway canopies for additional advertising / signage by printing information on  sides and/or frontal views of canopy covers.

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