Commercial Grade • Dozens of Options • Built to Last

Premium Quality – Our umbrellas are not your typical “disposable” units that last a season IF you are lucky. All of the materials used to manufacture our frames and our canopies are of commercial grade quality. The fact all of our umbrella products come with warranties ranging for 2 years to 20 years on frames and 5 to 10 years on the canopies is testimony to highest quality products.

Traditional or Unique – We offer the tradition center post umbrellas in lots of different shapes & sizes. We also offer a whole series of non-traditional umbrellas like our side post or cantilever umbrellas, or our “sail” umbrella and even a two post umbrella perfect for over park benches or small seating areas.

Removable or Permanent – First decision is choice between our commercial removable/portable units often popular with restaurants with personnel available to watch over OR our zero maintenance permanent “all weather” umbrellas like the ones we installed in Uptown Sedona where high winds are prevalent and maintenance crews unavailable to watch over 24/7. Those umbrellas were installed over 10 years ago and still look brand new when hosed off. Your location and weather conditions may come into play here.

Retractable or “Fixed” – Some of our commercial customer believe the less moving parts the better when the general public is involved. For those customers we recommend our “fixed” or non-retractable umbrellas with zero moving parts to tamper with. Others may want more flexibility to close or tilt their canopies and we have umbrellas to suit those needs as well.

Choice of Fabrics – Sky’s the limit. You can have waterproof, water resistance, fire rated, colors that blend in or make a bold statement, and manufacturer’s fabric warranties of 2 to 10 years.

Call us today and we can review options that may best suit your needs (480) 775-7245.