Tensile Systems & Shade Sails


Art & Architecture & Engineering – Join together for economical, yet functional visually pleasing engineered shade systems known as tensile structures – also commonly known as shade sails. From concept through construction, our experienced team of experts work with you to ensure your vision becomes a reality and your project meets all safety and building code requirements. Available in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes, shade sails can blend into your landscape or make a striking, visual statement.

UV Protection – Against cancer causing UV Rays is a top priority today and our outdoor shade systems provide the perfect solution. Our fabric shade mesh offers up to 98% UV Ray blockage. Your outdoor gathering areas will now be safer and cooler due to reduced exposure to direct sunlight. The fabric shade mesh allows for heat to dissipate and for air to flow through the fabric and air to circulate over, under and between canopies reducing outdoor temperature up to 28 degrees.

Any Size, Any Shape, in Almost Any Place – Tensile structures or shade sails are the most versatile of all of our shade solutions. A single sail can shade a doorway or window, or a series of overlapping sails can cover large outdoor seating area, pools, play or parking areas. Shade Sails can be attached to existing buildings or supported by steel columns as stand-alone shade systems. All of our canopies are custom- made to your specific project requirements.

Budget Friendly Shade Solutions – We can accommodate almost any budget by designing your system based on budget numbers you provide us. Projects can also be done in phases as budget permits. Cost drivers to keep in mind are the size or square feet of the canopy, the number of corners or attachments for hardware, and number and size of steel columns. Location can also play a role in cost of a project. A project we install in Hawaii will cost more than the same system installed in Scottsdale.

Used by – Architects, Apartment Complexes, Building Owners, Industrial Parks, Churches, City Governments, Community Parks, Cultural Centers, Garden Centers, Golf Courses, Hotels, HOA’s, Landscape & Pool Companies, Property Management Companies, Retirement Communities, Resorts, Restaurants, Shopping Centers, Schools & Colleges, and Sports Complexes.

Used to Shade – children, parents, teachers, spectators, employees, animals, plants aircraft, bleachers, bus stops, courtyards, equipment & storage areas, play areas, pools, picnic areas, seating areas, walkways, storage & equipment area, vehicles and much more!

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