Specialty Products


Catch-All Category – For our unique “out-of-the-box” shade systems designed to make an artistic visual statement and yet be fully functional as shade solutions. Be it your unique vision or a design created by us based on your key objectives, the end results are often worthy of architectural recognition and awards – in our most humble opinion. As the catch-all category we also added most frequently requested, complimentary site amenities to this category – misting and seating options to name a few.

Sky’s the Limit – Let your imagination run wild. Our engineering team is used to reining us in a bit without stifling the creative process and end results. They, in fact, enjoy the challenge of tweaking designs by adding needed structural components to meet IBC Codes that often enhance visual presentation rather than take away from it. Our designers and engineers are looking forward to hearing about your vision and objectives. Bring it on!

Setting Expectations – As always we feel it is important to level set expectations so there are no surprises for you in any step or phase of your shade project. Design, fabrication and installation of highly customized projects including shade systems often require additional time and expense. It is not unusual to invest 2-3 weeks in the design phase, or 4-6 weeks in fabrication/installation phase. It should also be mentioned that over-communication is often key to the success completion of highly custom projects.

We cannot wait to hear what ideas & objectives you have for us. Call us today to discuss (480) 775-7245.