Project Help


There are many considerations involved when planning your shade project. Some of the most critical things to think about:

Project Planning: Proven fact that planning in advance WILL REDUCE project costs.
Budget: Establish a range up front & know your limits. Use an average of $18.00 SF as a budget place holder knowing it may be more or less depending on requirements.
Coverage: Determine amount of area to be shaded & create layout
Type of system: Fabric structure, shade sail, cabana, umbrella, or other. Visit our gallery for ideas.
Orientation: Path of sun during highest use periods
Top Priorities: Functionality, visual presentation, price – and in what order
Timeframe: Immediate need, within 3 months, or budgetary phase only
Objective: Short term/temporary, long term/permanent, long term or short term
Maintenance: Zero to low (shade sails & fabric structures) or high maintenance (retractable canopies & umbrellas)


We provide you with the tools to get the project wheels in motion. Best place to start:

1. Set time aside to review the various sections and details made available on this web site.
2. Develop a plan based on above list of “Things to think about”
3. Fill out contact form and/or give us a call with questions. Don’t forget to send pictures, layouts, or architectural plans along with quote request.
4. Call us to discuss project objectives, budget, timeline, and more (480) 775-7245.


The selection process is one you should take very seriously. Getting the lowest cost upfront does not assure you of the best ROI long term. Selection criteria can be subjective but there are three (3) boxes that must be checked for your protection.

1. Licensed & bonded contractor: The list of justifications for this important prerequisite is too lengthy to get into here but suffice it to say it is in your very best interest to make sure you select a licensed contractor. Ultimate Shade has been a licensed contractor for almost 10 years.
2. Contractor’s reputation: Request references from 3 to 5 past customers that speak to quality of products & workmanship, competitive pricing, and customer service before, during and after project completion. Repeat customers & referrals fueled our company growth since day one.
3. Best Value for investment: The lowest price is often not the value or best return on your investment. Paying a premium price due to a company’s perceived “status” is not the best idea either. Finding the right balance is key. You need to feel assured that the partners you select are experts in “value engineering” and delivering shade solution(s) that meet or exceed your objectives. Ultimate shade has a long list of clients that will attest to our creative thinking and commitment to best value.